Prayer for Redemption

Lord, I come to you today to first ask you for the forgiveness of our sins, Lord I ask that you look into our heart and look into our soul, to make it pure again. Lord, we ask that you remove that pain that haunts us daily, make us whole through yours. Lord, we ask that you pull the best out of us that we are yet to see within ourselves, taking away bitterness, resentment, misery, and un-forgiveness. For we know that these traits are unlike you
Lord. We ask that you remove anyone that is hindering the process of us coming closer to you Lord and those that are keeping us from our true blessings. Continue on this journey with us, full of love and redemption in your name. Save us from temptation so that we may see your Kingdom. For Lord, there is absolutely nothing that we can do without you but with you all things are possible. For you are the beginning and the end. You are our saver.

In the Lord’s name, we pray


This month we have been going over Jesus and how he comes to save us. I thought it would be amazing to have a prayer to Him because we are saved through him and we build a relationship with Him through prayer.

May this words reach you where ever you are.

K.T Jacks ❤

John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. “



When you are walking forward it is difficult to do that while looking back. . It can be done but, you won’t get very far. The same holds true for living in the present and holding fast to the past. It places you in a motionless state. The past is a marker for what has been. It can’t be modified nor reset. The past is a compilation of fears, tears, failures, triumphs, regrets, and things you may simply want to forget. God has a way of leading us out of situations that hinder our emotional, spiritual, and personal growth. He always has our best interest at heart. However, fear can cause us to reject better because we feel we aren’t equipped to embrace it. Instead, we justify and tolerate dysfunction, degradation, and mediocrity because we are familiar with it. There’s no demand or expectation for wanting more because that’s too much to aspire to. The past will have us attempt to recreate opportunities and reignite relationships only to find that it never works out in the end. God allows connections to be blocked because you are being held back and don’t realize it.

The story of Moses and the children of Israel is a lesson that we can parallel our life too. Moses was being led and instructed by God to lead the people to the Promised Land. Although they were free they still had the “captive mentality”. Their geographical location had changed, but the mind state, behavior, and ideas were Egypt indoctrinated. They said, ”Let us make a captain, and let us return into Egypt.”(Numbers 14:4). Be careful when there is a desire to return to something God brought you out of. Dysfunction can become the “new normal” when you can’t see that it is harmful to you. When God severe ties with people and circumstances in your life don’t look or go back! He wants to see you made whole and healed. When He brings you out He won’t leave you there without Him. There’s more to you than where you are and where you’ve been. There is a reason why the rear view mirror in a car is smaller than the windshield. The journey that is in front of you is Bigger, Better, and Greater than what is behind you!

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Moving Forward,


Why Are You Crying?

He asked her, “Woman, why are you crying?” Who is it you are looking for?” Thinking he was the gardener, she said, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.” John 20:15

If you aren’t familiar with this story it takes place when Mary was looking for Jesus body at the tomb. She was crying because she thought that he was no longer there and that someone took his body from her. Of course, I can not relate to her story but I would think she felt alone, hurt, and broken.

To be honest, all of us at times may have felt this way. The feeling that no one understands your pain. No one around you can relate to your misfortunes. You’re looking for answers and if there were options you would run to it for understanding or even a glimpse of hope. But when all has failed and life is just too much to bare all we can do is weep. Life has a way of making you vulnerable. But there hope…

Jesus said to her, “Mary” She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic “Rabboni!” (which means Teacher”).  John 20:16

I could go on and write the other Bible verses but I want to highlight the importance of this one. Jesus was still there and hadn’t left. He saw her weeping and called her by her name. Just like He is still there for us today. He is still the same Lord then as He is now. Right when we feel like all hope is lost and there is nothing left to do. We still have to know that we have a loving Lord. He hasn’t forsaken, left or forgot about you. And if you would just look for Him, He will be there.

Therefore there is no need for tears of abandonment, hopelessness, or fear. For He is with you more today than yesterday. He knows you by your name and knows the struggles that have been upon you. For you are not alone. May you accept Him into your heart for healing, consoling, reconstruction.

I pray that these words find you where ever you are….<3

K.T Jacks ❤


Upon the Cross the blood You shed paid my ransom.

Crown of thorns, nail-pierced hands, and a spear thrusts through your side.

Covered, your body lacerations that were unwarranted and brutally devastating.

Oh, how precious was the blood that flowed on Golgotha’s Hill.

The power in the blood of the Lamb breaks chains of spiritual strongholds

Reconciled with God by the Blood of the Lamb. Covered.

The Blood serves as a shield of protection that is impenetrable by the Enemy.

Unworthy of your Love, but you did this for me. Covered.

The Blood of Jesus rescues us from the abyss of sin,

Cleanses the residue of guilt and shame of our past away.

Destroys the yoke, sets the captives free, renders the verdict not guilty!

There is a shift in the atmosphere when I call on your name, Jesus and plead the

Blood. Covered.

The Power of the Blood restores sanctifies and renews.

The Blood speaks for me and has set me free!

I have been transformed and will never be the same.





To Plead The Blood

Many times you may hear people plead the blood of Jesus but what does that truly mean? You may hear the plea during difficult, frustrating, or sometimes troublesome situations as if it was a cry for help. I remember my family members would always say it aggressively as if they were rebuking the devil himself. However, I wasn’t able to fully grasp the importance of pleading the blood until I came to know Jesus for myself. The blood the Jesus shed for us to live was not ordinary blood….

The blood that Jesus shed was the blood of love, healing, forgiveness, and eternal life.

By pleading the blood of Jesus we are….

  1. Praying to Jesus – When you pray you are putting time aside to praise Jesus. We are recognizing Him for who He is and who He continues to be in our life. Giving Him thanks and gratitude.

  2. We use it as a defense mechanism. – In comparison to a legal term (plea deal), it’s a plea to Jesus. When my family would say it aggressively they were rebuking the devil so that the devil can flee. This is a plea to Jesus that yes I am not perfect and I have sinned but I need you to come in and save the situation.

  3. We are acknowledging His powerBy acknowledging His power we acknowledge that we cannot do this without Him and that we need him to intervene.  There is nothing to big or too small for Jesus. Sometimes all we need to do is just call on him.

As I grow older, I find myself pleading the blood of Jesus not because I have heard it but because I know the power behind it. It’s okay for us to hand it to Jesus because we know that His will be done.


K.T Jacks ❤

Hebrews 13:12

Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people through His own blood, suffered outside the gate.



My Friend Laid Down His Life For Me

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.You are my friends if you do whatever I command you”. John 15:13-14


Friendships are an important part of our lives. God intended for us to fellowship with like-minded people who bring out the best in us. The word friend is defined as” a person who you like and enjoy being with or a person who helps or supports someone or something. I have great friends that are a part of my life. My tribe of support means the world to me, but it is not always perfect.The perfect friendship can be found in our Savior. God is so amazing that He sent Jesus into the earth to restore us.God’s Divinity stepped down from heaven dressed in the flesh of Humanity to save us from sin. There is no love that is comparable to the sacrifice that Jesus gave when died on the Cross. It may be difficult to fathom the idea that someone could have that kind of love for you. I am so glad that He does, but I will be honest it took a while for me to understand that.

Jesus wants to be Lord of your life and your friend. The day that my relationship changed with Him is unforgettable. It was after the unexpected loss of my mother at a young age. That moment in my life was dark and unsettling and I can see it like it happened yesterday. It was the day of her passing it was dreary and raining outside we were going to see my grandmother. I remember saying out loud looking up at the sky, “Lord I don’t know how this will work without her, but I need you.” From that day forward that is how I conversed with Him. I will never forget the comfort that I felt in knowing that He heard my words and my heart. He carried me in His loving arms through the midnight hour. When the dawn of a new day came I could feel an outpouring of His love covering me and my family. I can say I have found a friend in Jesus, He will never leave or forsake you.It doesn’t matter how old you are,  how far you have fallen,  or how unworthy you feel. His grasp is not restrained by darkness, depth nor distance.The great news is you can be found, saved and restored!  He is always available and never too busy for you. He has an open door that is accessible to us, but He requires us to live as he commanded. The love He has for us is unconditional and yet attainable. Even when we walk away from Him you can still find Him with His arms open. We must understand that this friendship is genuine and He longs to be apart of your world. He is faithful to do what he said he would do. When I think of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ I know that He came here for us and because He lives we have life more abundantly!

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Peace Be unto you,


I Found Him…

During a period when I was still learning and building my faith, I stayed a couple months with my grandmother to get on my feet. My grandmother isn’t like these newly aged grandmothers, it was the church on Sunday then Sunday dinner, Bible study throughout the week, and constant praise and worship throughout her household. My grandmother would walk around the house as she cleans and sings a beautiful melody…” Everybody saw me when I fell but nobody saw me when I got up”. She would sing the chorus over and over then end with “The Lord reached down and picked me.” Her voice is so beautiful and soulful I can hear it as I write.

I never knew the impact that she as well as that song would have upon my life.

In her home located in a small town in Mississippi, I found Jesus. I learned Jesus as my Lord, my savior, and my friend. I had messed up so many times at this thing called life to the point where I wasn’t familiar with His forgiveness. I didn’t know that my past mistakes meant just that…. they were past mistakes. And that concept was the importance and power of Jesus Christ. He died for my sins so that I would be able to live a life of abundance, grace, and favor.
Of course, people have the tendency to constantly remind you of your faults, the times that you neglected yourself, and the times that you didn’t know your self-worth. But they fail to recall the times that Jesus saved you. The times that He reached down and picked you up.

The truth is that we all fall short. Life is not easy! Somedays I’m overjoyed, somedays I’m overwhelmed but each day I need Jesus. 

If you’re going through a phase where you feel like you can’t win from losing… when you feel like all is lost, and there is no hope in near sight. Remember Jesus died for you. The flawed, imperfect yet perfectly made you. The world will constantly notice your downfalls because they are mere humans. But give Jesus that praise as your savior for He loves you more then you love yourself.

-K.T Jacks ❤
Titus 3:5
He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit,