Runneth Over

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Good Morning! Hope all is well. I have truly missed you all this past week, however, I cannot say that I haven’t enjoyed myself. I wanted to tell you all about my recent revelation from God and how it changed my outlook on life. ❤

God appeared to me a couple of years ago and told me that my cup would run over.

Luke 6:38

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.

I didn’t exactly know what that meant, until this past week. I kept thinking that I would come across a large sum of money or that I would inherit some fortune but that was not the case. Yes, many blessings have came my way but none that I thought was…

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Pillar of Strength

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Elegant.Nurturer.Teacher. Life-giver.Friend.Comforter.Influencer.This for me is the essence of what being a mother embodies. Being a mother is the most rewarding and exhausting job on earth. What is absolutely amazing about this role is our influence molds the life of our children and generations to come. I remember the day that my daughter was born so vividly.There I was clueless about what to expect, but I welcomed all that this beautiful baby girl would teach me. Holding her in my arms surrounded by pillars of strength that have supported me through life.The pillars of strength are the women in my village who have poured into my life from a girl into womanhood.It is in that moment that my cup was positioned to pour into my daughter.What I realize as a mom is it takes all of us, hands joined together forming a circle to cover you.

I understand I am her…

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Misery Lingers

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Recently my car was broken into and they stole a lot of materialistic items that can be replaced. A couple weeks later, miles away from where I am my sister car got broken into and they stole a lot of money out of her car, which again can be replaced. In the midst of stealing things that didn’t belong to them, they took another’s person joy, happiness, and appreciation for that moment away, which that person can never get back. It made me think of the 8th commandment.

Exodus 20:15

Thou Shall Not Steal

Like previously mentioned God isn’t just making the commandments as a set of rules but also guidelines on how your character should be. The Lord is developing morals and values that His people should stand on. The character of a thief is one that resembles the devil. They are here to steal, kill, and destroy. They don’t…

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When you find yourself giving God a helping hand a disaster is guaranteed. The problem with playing with a small fire is that it may seem harmless because it can be controlled. However, what seems containable and non-threatening can quickly escalate to an explosive blaze of destruction without warning. Ravaging everything in the path leaving charred remains of what used to be. Can you imagine gazing at this destruction it would be tough and heartbreaking? Often times there isn’t much that is salvageable with a fire. The question at this point would be, Where do you go from here?’’

The story of Sarah (wife), Abraham(husband), and Hagar(servant/sidechick) in the Bible could be a made for tv movie. There is scandal, drama, and recovery all in one story. God gave Abraham a promise that He will give him a son and Sarah in her old age will conceive. Sarah and Abraham…

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A Million dollars’ Worth of Dreams

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Have you ever had a dream? A dream to do or create something amazing but the concept hasn’t left the proximity of your brain. And you walk around this earth with this amazing vision but afraid to display it to the world. It’s not by chance that you have this dream. The Lord implants these visions in our head on what we are supposed to be doing, what we could be doing, or what he has for us.

If the Lord gave you the dream he will order your steps to make that dream a reality. 

The test isn’t about having what it takes to make that dream happen, but do you have the faith to make it happen. The funny thing about a vision is that it is unrealistic without faith. The Lord wants us to trust in him. He wants us to seek him for guidance. He wants us to know…

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You ever wonder why it seems that spiritual warfare is heightened on the job? By the grace of God, you strive to live a life that is pleasing in His sight. However, drama seems to be stalking you and craziness is the accomplice in your environment. I just wanted to remind you that it’s not you or anything that you are doing. Here is where you can breathe a sigh of relief and brace yourself for some Good News! Satan and his team’s only assignment is to push you out of spiritual alignment. The mission is to kill, steal, and destroy everything that has to do with you. The Bible says,” We wrestle not against flesh and blood”(Ephesians 6:12). To wrestle can be defined as throwing the opponent to the ground. Remember that it doesn’t matter who has been sent on assignment from the Enemy’s camp to cause distress and destruction in your life, home, church, relationships, or job. It is a Spiritual Battle going on. When the Enemy uses people they are simply a vehicle, He can’t do it by himself. They give him the keys and he takes over. It could be a Messy Manager or a stir- the- pot coworker. If I could be honest, it is very frustrating to see that you have to be the Bigger person when you just want to let someone know you are not the one to be played with. The Enemy already knows who you are and who you belong to. The goal is to get you to focus on the natural so that you don’t see that he is operating from the spiritual realm. If you think in the natural then you get upset with people, but if you keep your mind on the spiritual then your on to him and all the antics. When you pray, fast, seek God continuously and live holy you build spiritual muscles and that builds endurance to press your way. It also builds your arsenal in the spiritual realm to wreak havoc on the kingdom of darkness. God has ALL-POWER in His hands. I encourage you to speak the word of God in the turbulent workplace. You have been given Authority and Dominion by the Father to walk in Power. The atmosphere HAS to change because a child of God is in it. You have been given the power to set the tone. Some people will not like you and for others, they will be uncomfortable. Don’t forget it’s not personal, it’s spiritual.  Dry your tears, square your shoulders and open your Mouth and speak the word! The Enemy has to fall back because greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). This battle is already won!


The Victory Belongs to Jesus,




Prayer for Redemption

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Lord, I come to you today to first ask you for the forgiveness of our sins, Lord I ask that you look into our heart and look into our soul, to make it pure again. Lord, we ask that you remove that pain that haunts us daily, make us whole through yours. Lord, we ask that you pull the best out of us that we are yet to see within ourselves, taking away bitterness, resentment, misery, and un-forgiveness. For we know that these traits are unlike you
Lord. We ask that you remove anyone that is hindering the process of us coming closer to you Lord and those that are keeping us from our true blessings. Continue on this journey with us, full of love and redemption in your name. Save us from temptation so that we may see your Kingdom. For Lord, there is absolutely nothing that we can…

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