This is a very exciting time of the year for people to spend time with their sweetheart. For me, Valentine’s Day is also my middle son Amir’s birthday! Of course, I would have loved to spend the day getting pampered by my husband, but I had to make sure my son feels as special on his day as he is to me. In my household, we take birthdays very seriously so Valentines meant that my Prince received everything he wanted and more. However, towards the end of the day, it became a hassle. Amir wanted to go home and play with his toys but I kept thinking of things we could do to make the most of his birthday. He already had his party with cake and ice cream, spent time with his friends, so it isn’t that he wanted more…. more so that I did. My husband kept asking what did I want to do later that night but all I could think about is Amir. So actually spending time with my husband on sweethearts day never registered in my head and this is because I didn’t balance it correctly.

Being a wife and a mother can be hard to juggle. If too much attention is given to your children your husband starts to feel alone and vice versa. Why couldn’t I have gone home called a babysitter and went out with my husband? Would that have been too much to ask?

Too often we get caught up on what we feel is right instead of what is actually the right thing to do. I should have shown my son the best birthday and showed my husband that on this sweethearts day he is my ultimate Valentine, choosing my time wisely and balancing my scale evenly.

Remember show endless love and prayer works!

Ephesians 5:15             

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,


32 thoughts on “Valentines

  1. I think it shows how much you care for your babies, which is incredible. Plus, if you’re so used to your days revolving around the little people, I guess it can get kind of hard to look toward fun for yourself – that would obviously include your husband. I, personally, never get alone time so it might be a different story for me, lol But I love my babies so dearly, it can’t be denied. So don’t feel bad for wanting alone time 🙂


  2. Balancing is essential. Always make sure your spouse is feeling special as well. Men hold things in and don’t express themselves as much as women but nevertheless they have feelings too. Love how u have grown and matured into a young lady, mother, and wife. Stay humble and never lean to your own understanding for answers. Let God guide you down every path you take. Love you!

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  3. I totally get this,. Especially where you said that “Too often we get caught up on what we feel is right instead of what is actually the right thing to do.” It’s hard to stop doing that, but as one person already commented, finding a balance is essential!

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  4. Balancing both your roles as mother and a wife is not easy especially since those roles both demand time and effort. I think we try our best it’s just that sometimes we tend to overthink and go beyond what we should do.

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  5. Balancing kids and spouse can be tricky even on the best of days. It’s hard when you have competing interests. You sound like you have the right idea about what to do in the future.

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  6. There’s something healing in seeing the ways we make mistakes and recognizing them for what they are. Take a day this week to make it up to your husband, and let him you that you recognize what happened. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the acknowledgment – and hey, better late than never.

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    1. Great idea. We went out and had a blast. I’m so lucky to have an understanding husband. – But your blog page is amazing and I’m an inspiring author so great to see your website. I would love feedback.


  7. I can you care deeply for both your husband and child, of which, well you should! understandably, you wanted to keep both happy by making the 14th s special day for different reasons! and yes I do agree with you, planning goes a long way! but you’re doing a great job. its not easy being a mum on valentines day, its even harder when you have a son born on that day!

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