Social media is cliché. It’s a pretty cliché wrapped with a bow, sprinkled with glitter – that is believed to be gold. But yet, powerful enough to destroy families, end relationships, and tarnish reputations. We live in a generation that can read something on social media and presume it to be true under any bias! What happens to our education?

I’ve learned people get caught up in the hype of social media simply because it has the power to capture everything that person wants you to see. Their best clothes, best pictures, and assume their life to be perfect. Then misinformed individuals will compare their relationship to a “social media relationship” and lose a real person based off of an illusion that the internet has given them.

Everything that glitters isn’t gold!

Never lose your authenticity for anyone or anything. Life isn’t about filters or tags. It’s about being true to yourself and who you’re called to be. Trying to keep up with social media, you will always feel like your losing a race that never began.

Proverbs 18:1

Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment.

via Daily Prompt: Glitter


7 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. You’re so right Shay. Me and social media have a love-hate relationship. I like having social networking profiles. They can be very entertaining. But I only recently got back in Facebook only to ask myself why?? It’s full of sooo many happily in love, rolling in money, no jobs but constantly vacationing folks. Works my damn nerves because why put on such a facade for people who are gonna find the smallest not so good thing about you and run with that anyway? And for the people who don’t do that, why put so much energy into misleading them? What’s the deal? Now I’m contemplating getting off permanently instead of another hiatus 🙄

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    1. Social Media is hilarious and full of fake love lol sprinkled with fake people omg! I wouldn’t want you to end your page simply because I want to see those babies lol but def would not take it serious or the people on their. People have so much talk but couldn’t utter a word in person. It’s all a show.


  2. Amen! People show you the best parts of their lives. They leave out the struggle. We have to be confident in the God and the journey he has us on. I enjoyed the read!

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