Prayer Time

A Prayer For Healing 

Lord, I come to you today and first ask you for the forgiveness of our sins. Lord build us, grow us into the Princes and Princesses of your Kingdom. Lord, I ask that you step inside our soul, step inside our body,  and step inside our spirit father. Heal us of our wrongdoing. Heal us from our fleshly desires. Heal us spiritally and physically Lord. Heal our heart from heartache. Heal our spirit from damnation. Heal our body from sickness father. Let no sickness, disease, nor wound take ownership of our body Lord. For you said, Lord, that if we worship you, you will bless our food and water. You will take away the sickness amoung us. (Exodus 23:15). Lord we have faith in your words. We know nothing is too big or too small for you. For that we magnify your name, we worship you. Lord we thank you for everything that you have done and that you contiue to do in our lives. We give you the glory and worship.


Hello! I first would like to take the time out and apologize to anyone coming to my blog and not seeing a post lately. I have recently started back school and this fundamental thing call balance may have slipped from my hands. Nevertheless, God has restored me. Today, will not be like many of my blogs. Today I want to send a prayer to anyone who is in the need of healing. I woke up not feeling my best and as I pray for myself I wanted to pray for you as well. ❀

Psalm 30:2

Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.

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