Sorry, I Can’t Fight Your Demons!

You always hear that past relationships teach you something new about yourself. I completely agree. In my past relationships, I learned that I cannot fight other people demons and for that reason, I will not try!  We get so involved in helping people that sometimes don’t want to help themselves. These people will hand you their problems and tribulations and look for you as a source of truth and that’s wrong.

I could have died in the pursuit of making someone else’s life convenient. 

In the relationship, I worked day in and day out to make sure that person had a place to call home. I was drained mentally and physically. I took the abuse that I didn’t deserve in hopes that I could change that person. I didn’t know that wasn’t my task. I put my own needs on the backburner because I thought that we were a team. In all actuality, I was working alone.

How did someone else’s battle become my own?

Now, I am strong enough to know that I am not strong enough to fight someone else’s demons. I am wise enough to know that if the Lord is fighting my battles who am I try to take on someone else’s? Yes, we like to be helpful. Yes, some people deserve a friend to vent to. Yes, I will pray for you! However, a line has to be drawn.  And there is nothing wrong with you drawing that line.

Exodus 15:3

The Lord is a warrior; The LORD is his name.


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