Prayer For Courage

Lord, I come to you today and ask for you to see my heart. See my troubles and my obstacles and bring forth clarity. Lord, I am not asking for you to remove my obstacles because I know that you have a mission over my life. But Lord I am asking for strength and courage to overcome them, for I know that without you there is nothing that I can do. But through you all things are possible. For that, I give you praise. Even when my battles seem difficult through you they are fragile. For that, I give you the thanks and the glory in advance. What a powerful Lord you are. Lord, I have faith that you will deliver and that our battles are already won. Lord, I will raise my head high because I know that you are listening to my prayers. Lord strengthen me, build me, grow me until the child of God that I know that I am. Have grace of my life and my children’s life and their children to come.
In the Lord’s name, we praise…



Good Afternoon, Sometimes we just need a prayer for courage to get through whatever it is that we are going through. The Lord has given us the strength and through him all things are possible. ❤

Philippians 4:13

I  can do all things through Christ who strengths me.


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