Guilty Consious or God’s Words

The voice in my head repeated over and over,”You were wrong.” No matter how many times I tried to justify my actions the voice never left.  The voice was settling yet strong but non-changing. I wanted to control that voice so badly and let it know that I make the rules! Like, wait just let me think the way I choose…don’t intervene; you may change something that I am not ready to change. The voice weighed so heavy on me that I went to the extent of asking other people could I be wrong. Longing for other viewpoints that could possibly soothe the voice in my head. It didn’t matter how many confirmations that I was received saying that I was right, the voice still said I was wrong.  I asked everyone but my Savior! Not because I didn’t care but because I could recognize his voice.

The truth is that when you walk with God he demands a change in your behavior. When you become saved the Lord is now with you and the Holy Spirit lives within you. He will not let you get away with the things that you use to be okay with because you are a representation of him.

So, the voice that weighted heavy on conscious wasn’t my own but the voice of God. I knew it but didn’t want to accept it. I didn’t want to accept it because it requires a reaction; a reaction that I felt like I wasn’t ready for. For I am of flesh so nothing inside of me wants to admit when I am wrong.  My friends and family are of flesh so there is no way for them to carry the wisdom of the Lord. But because I am his child he has no problem of addressing my wrongdoing and directing me to the right path.

What a wonderful father we serve that can direct his children in the ways of the Lord….

For this, I give him Praise. ❤

Romans 2:20

A corrector of the foolish, teach of the immature, having in the Law of embodiment of knowledge and of the truth,


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