I Wanted that SpongeBob!

It’s almost Christmas and like myself, I’m sure there are many of you running around trying to get gifts. This will be my youngest child first year being able to really enjoy Christmas so I want it to be everything he can imagine plus more. My son likes to watch SpongeBob before he goes to sleep and cuddles with a teddy bear. I thought it would be amazing if I could get a SpongeBob teddy bear for him so it could hold it was he watches the show. I looked online and they were all sold out. I looked inside of stores and couldn’t find one. I wanted that SpongeBob!

A couple days went by and I started to go through my kid’s belongings to see what exactly they may need for Christmas. I noticed that there was a bag of hand-me-downs a friend of the family gave to me that I haven’t gone through. As soon as I stuck my hand in the bag I pulled out not only one SpongeBob teddy bear but TWO, in amazing condition!

Immediately I said, “Thank you, Lord!”

My Lord is so amazing that I shall not want for anything, even if it’s as simple as a SpongeBob teddy bear. It amazes me that the Lord has so much to think about but still finds the time to think about little-ole me. For that, I am speechless! For that, I give him glory. For that, I give him glory. For it may seem like a mere gift, it represented the Lords faithfulness and favor over my life. ❤

Happy Holidays & God Bless


Psalm 34:10

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.



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  1. Trisha Streater

    This also sounds a lot like how God intercepts when we try to handle things on our own. When we are so determined to handle things our way and rush before God but then he forces us to wait. I’m still learning! Lol

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    • myktjackson.com

      I thought it was interesting how I was looking for something…..I always had. Kinda how we go looking for things to make us better and the Lord is like….you had it this whole time!!! How amazing he is… I can go on & on lol


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