I’m Under Construction

Have you ever visited a beautiful neighborhood, where it seemed every house brought forth dignity to the complex? You drive by the houses and they are all well put together, the lawns are mowed, and the flowers are blossoming. Then you keep driving and you pass by one house that seems abandoned and neglected within this well-kept community. The windows are boarded, and the weeds are growing rapidly.

And you think to yourself “wow, what an eyesore to this beautiful community”.

Truth be told, at one point this house resemble the houses in the neighborhood. It was built by the same contractors. It was designed with the same elegance and effort as the rest of the homes. But somehow, along the way the home lost its value. In the same manner that we can view the eyesores of this world, we can pinout the eyesores among ourselves. We begin to let this world dictate our lives to the point where we are unrecognizable to what God has called us to be. We disrespect ourselves and depreciate our values as children of God. We all have fallen short of His glory.

But my Lord is a Savior!

If you are anything like myself or even that house, people have seen you and marked you out. People have professed your life to be over! They have declared foreclosure on your soul, but they don’t know the Lord you serve. He will come in and save us from our sins. He will step into the unholiest places and pull us out with ease. He will wash us from our filth and declare us clean again.

See, God is not done with us yet. You may have seen my brokenness, but the Lord sees my worthiness. They may believe that we will never be anything or amount to nothing, but the devil is a liar! I want the devil and the naysayers to know that we are coming for EVERYTHING that the Lord has for us. He will pluck our weeds and water our garden. He will pour life into us until we’re whole again.

God has called us to be amazing no matter what avenue life has taken us down. If you haven’t made it to where you’re supposed to be God will walk with you. He is not done with us yet, we’re just simply under construction. ❤

Ezekiel 36:29

“Moreover, I will save you from all your uncleanness; and I will call for the grain and multiply it, and I will not bring a famine on you.”

-KT.Jacks ❤


6 thoughts on “I’m Under Construction

  1. When I read the caption “Under Construction”, I immediately was drawn to this message. I agree that we all are under construction in one way or another because of our pasts. Although our past should never dictate our future, we have to utilize this as our blueprint. My past is the best part of me that I own but as they say the best is yet to come and God has never left nor forsaken me so I stand in the eyesore and say to all of you…I’m a work in progress and I love me some me! Love your past-it’s the best part of you now…stay encouraged my beautiful queens 👸🏽

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