The Dream Assassin’s Assignment

Life’s experiences have a way of defining moments for you that are unforgettable. I will never forget while in nursing school a professor said to me very casually,” I don’t think you were cut out for this”. My feelings were crushed, but in the same space, I was reminded that she didn’t have the final say. In fact, I had to refer back to the promise given to me in my dream by the Lord. The promise was not only will you finish, but you will encourage others in their journey. There were many road hazards on my race to the finish line, but it wasn’t impassable. In that season, it was my first encounter with a dream assassin.

                                                    The Assassin’s Assignment

My definition of a dream assassin is a person or group of people who are assigned to halt, distract, obstruct, and terminate your progress with your dreams at all costs. Dream assassins can be family, friends, associates, co-workers, frenemies, strangers and even those in leadership. Many of them are in this field of work for different reasons. For some people, they can’t see past their own defeat, so they are incapable of being supportive. Then are those who can’t share your enthusiasm because theirs is a painful distant memory. Finally, there are those who have been assigned by the Enemy to get you to abort your assignment.

                                                  How to Identify A Dream Assassin

Being able to identify a dream assassin may not be easy initially, but once you recognize the characteristics you will be empowered to know that you were built for this. Dream assassins will always magnify the negative. It is the narrative of their life. They devise schemes to be implemented that will cause dream detours and roadblocks along your journey. Conversing with them, you will find they question the validity of your dreams. The operations of the assassin can be covert or in plain sight. Most importantly, they will never be supportive, but they want to be privy to your plans. With that being said, you don’t have to disclose everything God is doing for you to everyone unless you are lead to do so. For the dream assassin, they will use the information from you as ammunition to destroy you.

                                                    Waiting on the Promise In the Pit

It may seem like you are the only one facing challenging times, but you aren’t alone. The life of Joseph, a young boy who was a Dreamer in the Bible is the inspiration for me.(Gen.37:1-50) He was misunderstood, mistreated and misplaced by people who should’ve been supportive. His life is one that has many teachable moments. The Lord was with Joseph so he succeeded in everything he did. We must learn to do everything with a servant’s heart and remain humble. This is easier said than done, but it is a lifelong skill that is invaluable. Everything that you do should be done in the spirit of excellence. Integrity along with loyalty to God will yield rewards that are incomprehensible to you and those connected to you. Remember, that dream assassins don’t have any power or authority over you or your dreams.They are positioned as a reminder that you must have complete trust and total reliance on God. Dream assassins can be instrumental in enhancing your resilience to adversity. They have been given access to witness the stage being set for God’s glory to be displayed. Thank God for them because they inadvertently assisted you in getting to your next level!

And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; Genesis 39:2

Would love to read your thoughts or comments on how you deal with dream killers?

Be Blessed,



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  1. Natasha Moore

    That’s great insight. However, I encounter assasins in my place of business. I continue to hold fast to the vision God gave me and stand on his promises. I refuse to give up!

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  2. Jackie

    Well all I can say is the wisdom you display is well beyond your years and the way you give interpretation to the meaning of dream Assassin is so relevant to the life lessons we have experienced in our lives. You brought my dream to the forefront because I allowed my instructor to kill my determination to become a lawyer after I finished my masters degree but my professor told me I wasn’t cut out to be a lawyer. I took that and co-signed it. I could kick myself for not believing in God to deliver nor did I have the confidence I once had before all the air was knocked out of me😔If this is your calling stand firm and be the dream catcher you were born to be! Great message😇

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  3. Trisha Streater

    I love this post so much. I think dealing “dream assassins” are what finally drove me to pursue to more intimate relationship with God!! Constantly dealing with people who don’t understand or look past their own failures is exhausting and daunting. Only recently did I decide to put more effort into turning a deaf ear to them. Why put so much time and energy into people who are negative?! And who cares if they understand or not!

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    • kbkorner

      Thank you Trisha for taking time to visit the blog.Dream assassins can be a blessing as crazy as that sounds.But what you will reap having a one on one time with God is priceless.


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