“For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory “. Deuteronomy 20:4

As a kid, my Granny has always had an encouraging word especially during the times I felt defeated. I could find comfort in her listening to my heart, wiping my tears and then telling me to get up and try again. She would say,”Don’t wait until the battle is over ….shout now!”It would bring a smile to my face to hear her echo that sentiment, but I couldn’t relate to God being a Deliverer yet. However, as an adult, I have clarity on what that means in my life.The bottom line is the journey we call life is a battle.In order to stand toe to toe with it, we must understand when we try to do it without HIM it is a guaranteed loss.Take a moment to reflect on your past hardships, heartaches, victories, accomplishments, and disappointments.It is the mountains and valleys of your story that make it unique and powerful. All of our life’s experiences are cumulative, we can take away an important lesson.These lessons strengthen you and teach you something about yourself that you will need.Life can feel like a battle.The question is are you ready to fight?


It seems like every day that we wake up we are faced with a fight. A fight to have unwavering faith, in the throes of an unexpected illness.A fight to live a life of holiness, in a society that deems God’s standard antiquated and irrelevant.A fight to be light in these very dismal times.When I think about all the things that we have to deal with the pressure seems insurmountable in this spiritual warfare.To cower in worry and defeat would be the obvious move.It is so easy to walk away when you feel there are no options.But when you find yourself in a “back up against the wall situation, you must have an against all odds mentality”.You must stand steadfast and persevere in the face of verbal persecution and even being ostracized.Being in a fight won’t be glamorous.In fact, it may seem like you are losing ground.You will have bruises and scars, but it won’t kill you.Every blow that you take is designed ultimately to knock you out.Remember, as a fighter, you are never in the ring alone.You have a Cornerman who has everything you need for each round in the bout.The Cornerman’s role is to keep the fighter focused, clean up his bruises, and then reiterate strategy. The magnificent thing about this Cornerman is that He is in the ring with you! Guiding you and all your moves.God wants you to know this Battle is already won.The Enemy has been defeated!


Trust is built on the foundation of credibility.Treading a storm is only for a season.It didn’t come to stay it just passes through to refine you.For every prayer that God answered, every situation that he delivered you out of and even circumstances he intercepted for you as protection. He showed himself trustworthy, merciful, and immutable.He is there when you can’t trace him. He will meet you where you are and help you arrive where he wants you to be.Worrying doesn’t change anything.It occupies space in our minds and hearts that long for God’s peace.With worrying, it says to God,” I don’t know if I can trust you to deliver”.What moves God is saying, ”I will trust you no matter what the outcome is’’.This is the revelation we have been given .When you have a grasp on this concept it will cause a praise and shout to erupt from your soul that can’t be subdued.Don’t wait until the battle is over …..Shout now!

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  1. Trisha Streater

    I think I’ve always had such a problem with worrying. It clouds the mind so much that you can’t focus on what really matters in life. Obviously just giving a situation, person, or your future to God will relieve that tension and those distractions. I’m still working on it but it’s hard to just give up entirely when all you know is to ty to fix things yourself (which never works, btw lol)

    Thanks Shay

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  2. Jackie

    As I read this my tears began to pour out because it took me a while as well to realize I can’t fight these battles alone and once I allowed God to guide me, He began to show me things that only He could do. I continue to watch in amazement the wonderful things God reveals and doors he closes. See I used to look at doors closing as a failure but He told me to trust and believe in his word: He will never close a door without opening another so start seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty!

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  3. Natasha Moore

    May the Lord continue to give you the wisdom and knowledge to feed his children. I speak this same blessing over your cousin Mrs. Jackson. I have truly been blessed by the blog and God is expediting things in this season for his children.

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