Wrong Love:Top 5 Ways to Identify It

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (John 4:8)

Loving the wrong person is a very big deal. Being in a relationship with the wrong person can change the trajectory of your ENTIRE relationship. It is so important to discern the world’s ideas and God’s principles regarding love. The world’s ideas about love teach you to be tolerant of detrimental behaviors because that is the NEW normal. The more we are exposed to these ideas, we slowly become desensitized to what is wrong and reject the truth. Meanwhile, it destroys the core of who you are called to be and could possibly block the path to who He has for you. To recklessly give your heart to just anyone can have a catastrophic outcome. Guard your heart and your mind.


When I think about all the preparation that goes into catching a flight at the airport it can be overwhelming. So there’s packing suitcases, having the necessary paperwork, security checkpoints and making sure all toiletries are in the correct containers. Yes, this is an inconvenience and you can still have flight cancellations and delays. You may say,” I have done everything right now what?” But can I tell you that the security checkpoints are for your safety.Due to the tragic events that we have experienced in the past with terrorist attacks, it was mandatory to change how we travel. If we didn’t, we would run the risk of similar events happening again. This idea juxtaposed to the matters of the heart works the same way. When you grant access to someone and they bypass certain checkpoints it is a threat to your mental and emotional security. The cost of that is far too great. When you don’t make the necessary changes you end up in a repeat relationship or situationship. It doesn’t matter who you are with the outcome will always be the same. Wrong love is predictable. The lesson to be learned in wrong love is more about you than who you are with.


“Wrong Love is better than No Love.” There are so many things to unpack with this unhealthy mentality. When a person’s conversations insinuate this idea. It makes me cringe and I feel a great deal of sadness. In my mind, there may be a possible battle with self-esteem and or the idea that this is the best that I can do. Even if that means you know the relationship isn’t working you are willing to make the sacrifice. There are various reasons why people settle, but what I know is that they may not have the full revelation of who they are. When you don’t know who you are and whose you are anything will work. God designed for you to have His absolute Best!


1)Abuse– Mental, physical or verbal is completely unacceptable. All three stem from manipulation and control and this is not of God. They are equally destructive and if endured long enough can unravel at the seam the very fiber of who God created you to be. Real love doesn’t hurt or hinder. Real love helps.It isn’t fearful, but it’s trustworthy.Wrong love humiliates while real love covers.

“If someone lacks self -control over their temper, hands, or their tongue they aren’t submitted to God.”

2)Untitled relationship-Wrong love revels in the fact of being let off the hook when the relationship is not defined. It’s makes playing games with your heart legal. This way there is no expectation and the intent is never established. God never intended for you to date casually nor to allow random people to mishandle you. Then when sex is added outside of the confines of marriage (fornication) it further complicates and confuses everyone involved. This plan doesn’t follow the blueprint.

3)The mismatchedLove-The bible tells us to not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. It is pretty clear-cut. If you date or marry someone who doesn’t share your faith you could be lead astray.

“Never get comfortable with compromise the price of the consequence is costly.”

4)Intuition-The still small voice we have, but sometimes choose to ignore. If there is no peace about who you are with explore the feelings of unrest.
5)The Village disapproves-When trusted family and friends have reservations about your significant other. It deserves your attention immediately because they love and want the best for you. Love is blind, but you must receive their concern from a place of love and not war.

God wants to be a part of every aspect of your life He is the Original Matchmaker. If He knew you before the foundation of the world, then He knew who would best compliment you.

Be Blessed<3,



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  1. Jackie

    I agree…mix-matches rarely work but when you allow God to validate that union, then success is destined to follow. It all comes down to this, if you drive on the same highway and always get off on the same exit, you’re going to find yourself at the same crossroads with the exact same scenery. In order to see something different you must do things differently that will alter the outcome. Never be afraid to be happy just because you’re used to settling .

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