“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect      harmony.”Colossians 3:14(ESV)

Love is the driving force of our existence.  It is intrinsic to our spiritual and physical frame. There are so many facets and depths to love that they can’t all be explored in a month’s time. The one thing that is common is that Love gives life meaning. Real love is an amazing feeling! It sustains and weathers the storms of life hand in hand. It is empathetic and has no shame in getting in the trenches to put work in for the long haul. Real love is not the epitome of perfection, but it is the picture of humility. Humility is the posture that loves flourishes in. It understands that in this stance there is always room to learn, improve, and grow. Real love is about reciprocity and not self-preservation. The language of love is our, we, and us.We should endeavor to speak it fluently. Love is content. It doesn’t become entangled in the web of comparison.Real love ain’t always right, but it can admit to being wrong.


The rivers of love flow from many different streams. If you are a parent you encounter it through your children. The love they give is innocent and priceless.  They love you, despite your faults and strengths. Maybe it is a laidback brother or an overprotective sister who is always in your corner showing unfailing support. Perhaps, parents or grandparents whose hugs and loving touch are the absolute BEST. The comfort that they give seems to make time stand still and all is well just for a moment. Love is a gift from God. When you are shown love, it is a glimpse of God. Love dwells in the sanctuary of your heart. It permeates the essence of who you are and is evidenced by how you talk, walk, and behave. It can be easily felt by all who cross your path.


I am grateful that I understand that life has unexpected twists and turns. At any given moment of the day, life can totally be rearranged. Every minute, second, and hour of the day is a Blessing. I NEVER take it for granted and neither should you. I let my family know that I LOVE them daily by speaking these words before we part ways. I challenge you to be intentional with your presence and attention. Take a deep breath, mute all distractions, and connect with those closest to you daily. Don’t allow yourself to be so consumed with the busyness of the day that you forget to SPEAK love to your loved ones.


“Love inscribes a lasting impression on the soul for a lifetime.”


This post is dedicated to My love, Mr.B. and my two Heartbeats you are my dreams realized!

 Let me know how you feel about love and what it means to you in the comments.

 Love Conquers All, ❤



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