Dear God,

When I think of your love for me I don’t know where to begin. Your love has held my hand through some very tough times. I know that you have never left me and even when I couldn’t trace you. I could trust that you were there. I know that you are a comforter and my safe place.  I thank you for the promises you have fulfilled and the blessings you have showered me with. You have not only met my need, but you have always exceeded my expectations. Your Love has been a shield from the haters. When I could see traps being laid, lies being told, and situations being manipulated. You told me to,”Be still and know that I am God”.(Psalms 46:10).After many tests that I had to take, I know that means to be calm in my mind, in my spirit, emotions, and with my mouth. Even though I had the perfect clapbacks lined up and ready to go. My human reaction was submitted to you and aligned with your will. Thank you for being my defender and my defense. You are my fortress and I am completely surrounded and covered by your protection and love

Your Love is dependable. Your plan is to see me win in this life. You have been with me at the summit of my mountains and also in very deep valleys. Even when it appeared as if I was alone, you were there. My love for you is indescribable and your love for me is everlasting! You are a friend. The love you have for me is maturing me. I realize that you will never allow me to become complacent with being good. There will always be a push towards greatness. The expectation is to let my light shine and follow your lead. Being stretched beyond my limits doesn’t feel good, but it is good for me. In order to possess next level living, I have to be effective and efficient wherever I am. My history with you has shown that when things seem to be going absolutely crazy around me, elevation and blessings are right around the corner.

There is no way I could acknowledge all of your attributes in this post. My most favorite characteristic about you is that you are MY ROCK. It means you are the embodiment of stability and permanence.Things and people change daily, but you will remain the same now and forever more. No matter what happens everything will ALWAYS work out. When I think about your goodness and kindness towards me I have to put a praise on it. This Love is forever.Thank you for your AMAZING love and eternal support.

“ Everyday you are refining me so that I can be unbothered by the small stuff and keep my eyes on the Big plans.”

With Love,



Let’s talk about it share your comments below. I would love to know what His love means to you.


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  1. Natasha Moore

    God love is unconditional! He loves me even when the worst of me manifest. I thank God for his love. Even when I fall short his arms reaches out and embrace me. Thank you for the post KB continue to let God guide the ink. May the Lord continue to bless you.

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  2. Jackie

    I don’t think there is enough space to tell you how awesome and wonderful He has been to me…even when I didn’t know He was working it out for my good! He is patient, merciful and always by my side🙏🏽Thank you for such a special word.

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