In the basketball world rebound shots can be game changers. Being in a place to retrieve the ball has amazing advantages. The most important reason is scoring more points. Great rebounders are great at having their hands ready to catch the ball and their bodies close to the basket. Being in the right position at the right time is a resounding sentiment throughout this series. Of course getting the rebound will require you putting the work in to see it through. Waiting for the ball to come your way usually doesn’t work in your favor. “You Have to Go and Get It!”

It is amazing how If the world wants to know anything about you they dig for the dirt first. It is a tragedy that in our society we take pleasure in another person’s misery and misfortune. The culture is all about “pouring the tea” with no regard to who it hurts even if it’s untrue. Your dirt placed in the spotlight is used to discredit or shame you. This could be a HUGE hinderance to you starting fresh. However, truth be told we have all done things we aren’t proud of. Even in that God’s grace kept us covered and His blood washed our sins away. We have to ask for forgiveness daily!The most humbling aspect of my faith in God is that despite my past, pain, and insecurity His love and confidence in my potential (my not yet place) continues to propel me forward. People and my past will keep score and build monuments in memory of who I was, where I’m from, and the things I did to serve as a reminder of the negatives in my life. This is an unhealthy coping mechanism for THEM because it is an attempt to lower the volume of insecurity that is blaring into the speakers of their already empty existence. When you are trying to do better it makes others self-reflect. Don’t dim your light to make haters feel secure. Let your little light shine! I will say it again, ”Get the rebound don’t miss the opportunities to score BIG!

Here is some good news for you! God Never Gives Up on us or what He wants to do through us. God is not the God of a second chance, but many chances. Although he gives us the opportunity to keep trying and get it right, it doesn’t give you a license to habitually moonwalk into sin. His grace and mercy is a gift and is not in place to be misused intentionally. When you fall get up quickly and get back in your rightful place with your heart, mind, and spirit in position. Remaining in a fallen state of mind and posture gives room to the feeling of self-pity and contentment. Contentment in sin is like making it a place of permanent residence. If you are down in a low place, just remember it’s only temporary. If you can just muster the courage to look up then the Lord will you help you stand up! It may look foolish to others to keep trying, but don’t stop aiming for the goal. The goal is to be a better version of you and maximize your potential. You will miss a few shots, but no worries you are on the winning side! The reward of the rebound is an accomplishment!

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.” (Prov.24:16 NLT)

If this post is a blessing to you like,share and comment how do you rebound when things get difficult.I would love to hear your story.

Be Blessed,



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