Who says that you have to do everything by yourself? I’m not sure about the basis of this idea or its origin, but I do know that it maybe very difficult to carry out. This month we have been dealing with different aspects of basketball and relating it to everyday life. Basketball is a sport I really do enjoy watching. My favorite detail about it is observing the teamwork in action. Every player on the team is an asset and is unique to the structure of the team. If you have ever played a sport then I’m certain that you’ve heard the coach say,” There is no I in T-E-A-M.” Why must they always mention this in practice or a game you might ask”? They mention this as a reminder that no matter how talented you are, your position, or what your plan is you are not in this alone. You must learn to work with others on your team to get the win. This rings true in life and from a spiritual perspective. When God wrote your story for His Glory the lineup for the supporting cast was already in place. Your only assignment is to play your part and stay in your lane. There are people whose paths you will cross that will play a part in your next level in God. Don’t be afraid or alarmed because they are on your team. There are doors that will open only for You and it will have nothing to do with you being deserving of it. The ways being made and opportunities being granted on your behalf are predestined. I like to call this the Divine Alignment Connection. This connection is orchestrated by God and it supersedes even the most strategic networking plan. When God is in it you won’t have to force your way in, your credentials won’t matter, and you may not be able to make sense of any of it. You may have a hard time even believing that He is working it out right before your very eyes. God always sends reinforcement and confirmation just for you! What God has for you it is tailor made for you only.There is nothing and no one that can interfere with that. Don’t let your ego and pride get you caught up in self preservation and miss out on the assist from the other teammates! Real strength knows its limitations and doesn’t waste time wrestling with its weaknesses.

In the Basketball World

Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen

Kobe Bryant had Shaq

Lebron James had Dewayne Wade

In the Bible World

Naomi had Ruth (Book of Ruth)

Esther had Mordecai (Book of Esther)

But the Helper, thee Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name He will teach you all the things and bring to your remembrance all things I have said to you.”(John 14;26 esv)

Have you witnessed God’s Divine Alignment in your life. Share your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear your testimony!

Be Blessed,



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