My Friend Laid Down His Life For Me

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.You are my friends if you do whatever I command you”. John 15:13-14


Friendships are an important part of our lives. God intended for us to fellowship with like-minded people who bring out the best in us. The word friend is defined as” a person who you like and enjoy being with or a person who helps or supports someone or something. I have great friends that are a part of my life. My tribe of support means the world to me, but it is not always perfect.The perfect friendship can be found in our Savior. God is so amazing that He sent Jesus into the earth to restore us.God’s Divinity stepped down from heaven dressed in the flesh of Humanity to save us from sin. There is no love that is comparable to the sacrifice that Jesus gave when died on the Cross. It may be difficult to fathom the idea that someone could have that kind of love for you. I am so glad that He does, but I will be honest it took a while for me to understand that.

Jesus wants to be Lord of your life and your friend. The day that my relationship changed with Him is unforgettable. It was after the unexpected loss of my mother at a young age. That moment in my life was dark and unsettling and I can see it like it happened yesterday. It was the day of her passing it was dreary and raining outside we were going to see my grandmother. I remember saying out loud looking up at the sky, “Lord I don’t know how this will work without her, but I need you.” From that day forward that is how I conversed with Him. I will never forget the comfort that I felt in knowing that He heard my words and my heart. He carried me in His loving arms through the midnight hour. When the dawn of a new day came I could feel an outpouring of His love covering me and my family. I can say I have found a friend in Jesus, He will never leave or forsake you.It doesn’t matter how old you are,  how far you have fallen,  or how unworthy you feel. His grasp is not restrained by darkness, depth nor distance.The great news is you can be found, saved and restored!  He is always available and never too busy for you. He has an open door that is accessible to us, but He requires us to live as he commanded. The love He has for us is unconditional and yet attainable. Even when we walk away from Him you can still find Him with His arms open. We must understand that this friendship is genuine and He longs to be apart of your world. He is faithful to do what he said he would do. When I think of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ I know that He came here for us and because He lives we have life more abundantly!

Please share and comment below about how Jesus has been a friend to you.

Peace Be unto you,



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