Upon the Cross the blood You shed paid my ransom.

Crown of thorns, nail-pierced hands, and a spear thrusts through your side.

Covered, your body lacerations that were unwarranted and brutally devastating.

Oh, how precious was the blood that flowed on Golgotha’s Hill.

The power in the blood of the Lamb breaks chains of spiritual strongholds

Reconciled with God by the Blood of the Lamb. Covered.

The Blood serves as a shield of protection that is impenetrable by the Enemy.

Unworthy of your Love, but you did this for me. Covered.

The Blood of Jesus rescues us from the abyss of sin,

Cleanses the residue of guilt and shame of our past away.

Destroys the yoke, sets the captives free, renders the verdict not guilty!

There is a shift in the atmosphere when I call on your name, Jesus and plead the

Blood. Covered.

The Power of the Blood restores sanctifies and renews.

The Blood speaks for me and has set me free!

I have been transformed and will never be the same.






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