When you are walking forward it is difficult to do that while looking back. . It can be done but, you won’t get very far. The same holds true for living in the present and holding fast to the past. It places you in a motionless state. The past is a marker for what has been. It can’t be modified nor reset. The past is a compilation of fears, tears, failures, triumphs, regrets, and things you may simply want to forget. God has a way of leading us out of situations that hinder our emotional, spiritual, and personal growth. He always has our best interest at heart. However, fear can cause us to reject better because we feel we aren’t equipped to embrace it. Instead, we justify and tolerate dysfunction, degradation, and mediocrity because we are familiar with it. There’s no demand or expectation for wanting more because that’s too much to aspire to. The past will have us attempt to recreate opportunities and reignite relationships only to find that it never works out in the end. God allows connections to be blocked because you are being held back and don’t realize it.

The story of Moses and the children of Israel is a lesson that we can parallel our life too. Moses was being led and instructed by God to lead the people to the Promised Land. Although they were free they still had the “captive mentality”. Their geographical location had changed, but the mind state, behavior, and ideas were Egypt indoctrinated. They said, ”Letusmakeacaptain, andletusreturnintoEgypt.”(Numbers 14:4). Be careful when there is a desire to return to something God brought you out of. Dysfunction can become the “new normal” when you can’t see that it is harmful to you. When God severe ties with people and circumstances in your life don’t look or go back! He wants to see you made whole and healed. When He brings you out He won’t leave you there without Him. There’s more to you than where you are and where you’ve been. There is a reason why the rear view mirror in a car is smaller than the windshield. The journey that is in front of you is Bigger, Better, and Greater than what is behind you!

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