Pillar of Strength

Elegant.Nurturer.Teacher. Life-giver.Friend.Comforter.Influencer.This for me is the essence of what being a mother embodies. Being a mother is the most rewarding and exhausting job on earth. What is absolutely amazing about this role is our influence molds the life of our children and generations to come. I remember the day that my daughter was born so vividly.There I was clueless about what to expect, but I welcomed all that this beautiful baby girl would teach me. Holding her in my arms surrounded by pillars of strength that have supported me through life.The pillars of strength are the women in my village who have poured into my life from a girl into womanhood.It is in that moment that my cup was positioned to pour into my daughter.What I realize as a mom is it takes all of us, hands joined together forming a circle to cover you.

I understand I am her role model and I am teaching her the “how to’s” in life.In the same breath, she is teaching me about my myself.I am learning that I must always be open-minded, patient, loving, and did I say patient already!Unfortunately, there isn’t a manual on how to discuss all of the issues under the sun, but there is an open and honest dialogue that we share. My daughter has a heart for helping people and it is captivating to see it in action.The tenacity to never give up and to barrel her way through the opposition is reassuring.These positive attributes that I see in you will follow you along your life path if you hold fast to them.

When I see you I see endless opportunities.I am so glad you chose me to be your mother and I am proud to have you as my daughter.My prayer is that wisdom nuggets are being imparted to you.Even though sometimes it may seem that you aren’t listening, but you are being attentive.This is my prayer not only for my daughter but for all the little girls and young ladies.They need to know and hear that they are beautiful and regal.Anyone that attempts to convince you otherwise is trying to minimize your,”Shine”.

Be Confident –The world’s views and standards doesn’t apply to you.No matter how standards change.Stand on the word of God and don’t ever let go of your faith!You may have insecurities about yourself, but there is no void God can’t fill.Speak to that place and watch God’s power work.He will never fail you.There is no need to compete or compare yourself to other women because God designed your path just for you.It will not fit anyone else.Encourage other women and uplift them.

Be Bold-To stand out is an outstanding stance to take at the present time. Be true to yourself because trying to be someone else will be a struggle for you. Being genuine will always be heartfelt.Everyone will not understand you,  but that’s ok.Be at peace with how God made you.

Be MissionMinded-Love yourself because you are enough.Always walk in integrity never waver on what God says is right. Volunteer your time and resources to help others that are in need. Staying connected by helping others will keep you in a posture of humility and gratefulness.This is what we as believers are called to do.


“Listen to advice and accept discipline and at the end, you will be counted among the wise.”(Prov.19:20).

 I am dedicating this post to my little girl who is fearless,strong, and beautiful!<3

Until next time,







5 thoughts on “Pillar of Strength

  1. Young lady you never cease to amaze me. So proud to read your blog and apply it to my life. Just read a scripture that said don’t let others doubt you because you’re young and you are definitely are shutting it down.

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    1. Candace I must tell you it blesses me to know that it is helping someone. Because we all need to read it and hear it and let it resonate in our spirit.Thank you for your feedback it is always appreciated!


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