To The Parents…Past, Present, & Future

I tend to get a lot of calls from friends wanting advice on what they should do with their children. I get calls regarding milk, diapers, medicine, and anything else under the sun. I enjoy receiving the phone calls because children aren’t easy to raise and as parents, we just “want to get it right.” If that’s even possible at all.  If I can help in any way, I try my best to. But because I am a mother of three people tend to think I have parenting perfected but that is simply not true. The only thing that I have perfected is changing diapers at a high speed.

But seriously…..

the best advice that I can give is to have Faith!

We can read all the parenting books made to man and still become oblivious to our children’s needs. We can try to become our children best friend and still fail them as a parent. We can hand our children the world but still abandon them when they need us the most. But we are human.

Faith in the Lord will take away the stress of raising children because we know that we have help. We know that the Lord can follow them when we can’t. We know that the Lord can listen to their cries when we are nowhere around them. And as parents, we will constantly fall short of perfection. Therefore, teach your children the Lord so they can understand that concept as well.

This world is crazy and very cruel at times but at least with the Lord we know that we have someone on our side.


K.T Jacks ❤

Proverbs 22:6

Start children off on the way they should go,
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.


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