But With God

I have always loved the story of Moses because he couldn’t see himself fulfilling the purpose of God. Like many of us Moses had a past, he couldn’t speak well, and for the most part, odds were against him. Therefore Moses doubted himself, made excuses, but God still used him. Just like He can use you and all of us.Β Β 

I understand that the enemy or yourself will put doubts in your head. He will remind you of everything that was done in your past, highlight all of your shortcomings and emphasize the obstacles ahead. But with God all things are possible.

I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS me.

~Phillipians 4:13

Our Lord is still the same Lord that Moses had. He will equip you with everything you will need to fulfill your purpose. Just as God supplied Aaron to Moses, He will supply you as well. He will teach you everything you will need to learn along the way. He will not forsake you. Remember who He is.

I don’t want to make a long post about a simple concept. When you feel like your not enough and the odds are against you. Remember the power and the strength you have with the Lord.

K.T Jacks ❀


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