“What does  it mean to be a great father?” Strong,  present, loyal, and dedicated are just a few attributes to describe what it means. For many children, the memories of their father are filled with being supported, feeling protected, and being esteemed as a hero. In contrast, there are others who didn’t have the support of their father, but he may have contributed financially. The presence of a father is so important and irreplaceable. It shapes our perception of how we see the world. The affirmations and blessings from a father are priceless and necessary. Fathers are an asset to the family. In our walk with the Lord, it can difficult to understand Him as a father. When the relationship with our earthly father is estranged or nonexistent that concept can seem incomprehensible. It makes it tough to give God that space in our hearts and lives.

There are many extraordinary fathers in the world who give being a parent their all. They understand the significance of what they impart to their children and others. It may be a coach, teacher, or counselor who give nuggets of wisdom that the children will embrace for a lifetime. When the father has a daughter he sets the standard for how she will relate to men in her life. If the father has a son, he displays what it is to be a leader, provider, and champion for his family and community.

Our Heavenly Father has the power and is capable of healing, restoring, and fortifying your heart in the area of heartache and disappointment. God will show up and place Godly men family or friends in your life that will assist in navigating you along the way. He will empower you so that if your father was unavailable  it doesn’t become a hindrance to your progress. However, it is a process of forgiveness and total trust in God. The Lord has a way of doing something new in our lives to change the narrative spiritually, emotionally, and for generations to come. The only thing we have to do is allow Him to work in us and believe that nothing is too hard for Him.


“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”(Psalms 127:3)

Be Blessed,



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