“But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience (Luke8:15)


            I have just started taking an interest in gardening in my yard. I must admit I have truly enjoyed the process and to my surprise, it is very relaxing. Of course, it all started with a few houseplants that I have managed to keep alive for a few years. Currently, all of the plants are doing quite well and I’m ready to tackle the outdoors. When I think about the end results of my yard I believe it will be beautiful! However, in order to get the end result, I must first roll up my sleeves, get in the dirt, and put in the work.


          Before I started, I  had to research on what plants will be suited for sun exposure. The right soil,right place, and the right plant are key in what will be produced.  The same can be said as it pertains to the word of God and how it should work in your life, The importance of studying and meditating on the word daily is to build and strengthen your faith.  An environment that is saturated with honor, praise, and worship for God is one where He can move mightily.  When He is working on us he prunes out the things that impact our growth because He loves us. For a gardener, a healthy sign that a plant is thriving is growth. The Lord wants to see us mature in our faith and in the word. The closer that we draw to Him the deeper He takes us in the word and revelation. Your growth as a believer in God will bring forth fruit that bears witness to His name.


Be Blessed,








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