The word truth can be defined as the quality or state of being accurate or in alignment. How many times have you heard someone say,”keep it 100, just be honest with me, or give it to me straight? You hear the phrases so often that it is cliché. However, when an assessment is done does a person really mean it or not? In order to handle the truth, you must be willing to humble yourself and not allow your ego to be a stumbling block. If the truth given in the spirit of love is taken as an attack and not assistance it becomes easy to walk in the spirit of offense. Can I remind you of how much God loves you? He loves you so much that he wants His followers to know His voice. He forewarns us about things that are happening in the world around us. God is clear in the bible on how we should live, love, and believe. The word of God’s is established and doesn’t need defending. No matter how the world’s views, philosophy, or ideas evolve it has no impact on the word of God. The word of God doesn’t change.


Lies, deception, and smoke screens have seeped into the house of worship,  Christian music, movies, and even faith-based literature. The bible even prepared us for these occurrences as well.” But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who secretly bring in destructive heresies (opposing belief), even denying the Lord who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction”.(2 Peter 2:1).In order to differentiate between bible based word and worldly philosophy, you must study the word of God. The word of God is powerful and brings clarity. When you hear, see, or read a message that contradicts the word of God then you know that’s a LIE! It is very important to check the source. Sometimes the information that is given to us is not bible based and it has been derived from another religion. You must research and study on your own time and ask the Lord to give you revelation. Remember agents of the enemy are everywhere (church, seminary, music, school, government) think outside the of the church. Their main agenda is to attack your foundation and faith and cause you to question your stance with God.

In our day to day activities, many of us try to make informed decisions. We will research, discuss, and make sure that the source is credible and reliable. When a news reporter prepares to run a story, they have to check the source and make sure that all the details that are gathered are accurate. God’s desire for us is not to fall prey to false teachings. He wants us to take heed and hold fast to His word. God’s word protects, corrects, redirects and rebuke. Satan’s job is to confuse, distort, and lure you away from God and the truth. God’s word will set you free and that is no lie!

Food for Thought

Keep this in mind when you want to know the difference.”Did this idea,  message or thought being presented to me come to bring clarity or contradiction to the word of God?  Is there clarity or confusion as a result of it? Am I being drawn to God or pulled away?

After that do the research in the bible and know for yourself.

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightfully dividing the word of truth.”(2 Tim. 2:15).

Stay Alert,



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