I Found Him…

May today be great and may God give us favour!

Creator's Delight

During a period when I was still learning and building my faith, I stayed a couple months with my grandmother to get on my feet. My grandmother isn’t like these newly aged grandmothers, it was the church on Sunday then Sunday dinner, Bible study throughout the week, and constant praise and worship throughout her household. My grandmother would walk around the house as she cleans and sings a beautiful melody…” Everybody saw me when I fell but nobody saw me when I got up”. She would sing the chorus over and over then end with “The Lord reached down and picked me.” Her voice is so beautiful and soulful I can hear it as I write.

I never knew the impact that she as well as that song would have upon my life.

In her home located in a small town in Mississippi, I found Jesus. I learned Jesus…

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