Prayer for Redemption

Creator's Delight

Lord, I come to you today to first ask you for the forgiveness of our sins, Lord I ask that you look into our heart and look into our soul, to make it pure again. Lord, we ask that you remove that pain that haunts us daily, make us whole through yours. Lord, we ask that you pull the best out of us that we are yet to see within ourselves, taking away bitterness, resentment, misery, and un-forgiveness. For we know that these traits are unlike you
Lord. We ask that you remove anyone that is hindering the process of us coming closer to you Lord and those that are keeping us from our true blessings. Continue on this journey with us, full of love and redemption in your name. Save us from temptation so that we may see your Kingdom. For Lord, there is absolutely nothing that we can…

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