You ever wonder why it seems that spiritual warfare is heightened on the job? By the grace of God, you strive to live a life that is pleasing in His sight. However, drama seems to be stalking you and craziness is the accomplice in your environment. I just wanted to remind you that it’s not you or anything that you are doing. Here is where you can breathe a sigh of relief and brace yourself for some Good News! Satan and his team’s only assignment is to push you out of spiritual alignment. The mission is to kill, steal, and destroy everything that has to do with you. The Bible says,” We wrestle not against flesh and blood”(Ephesians 6:12). To wrestle can be defined as throwing the opponent to the ground. Remember that it doesn’t matter who has been sent on assignment from the Enemy’s camp to cause distress and destruction in your life, home, church, relationships, or job. It is a Spiritual Battle going on. When the Enemy uses people they are simply a vehicle, He can’t do it by himself. They give him the keys and he takes over. It could be a Messy Manager or a stir- the- pot coworker. If I could be honest, it is very frustrating to see that you have to be the Bigger person when you just want to let someone know you are not the one to be played with. The Enemy already knows who you are and who you belong to. The goal is to get you to focus on the natural so that you don’t see that he is operating from the spiritual realm. If you think in the natural then you get upset with people, but if you keep your mind on the spiritual then your on to him and all the antics. When you pray, fast, seek God continuously and live holy you build spiritual muscles and that builds endurance to press your way. It also builds your arsenal in the spiritual realm to wreak havoc on the kingdom of darkness. God has ALL-POWER in His hands. I encourage you to speak the word of God in the turbulent workplace. You have been given Authority and Dominion by the Father to walk in Power. The atmosphere HAS to change because a child of God is in it. You have been given the power to set the tone. Some people will not like you and for others, they will be uncomfortable. Don’t forget it’s not personal, it’s spiritual.  Dry your tears, square your shoulders and open your Mouth and speak the word! The Enemy has to fall back because greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). This battle is already won!


The Victory Belongs to Jesus,





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