Misery Lingers

Creator's Delight

Recently my car was broken into and they stole a lot of materialistic items that can be replaced. A couple weeks later, miles away from where I am my sister car got broken into and they stole a lot of money out of her car, which again can be replaced. In the midst of stealing things that didn’t belong to them, they took another’s person joy, happiness, and appreciation for that moment away, which that person can never get back. It made me think of the 8th commandment.

Exodus 20:15

Thou Shall Not Steal

Like previously mentioned God isn’t just making the commandments as a set of rules but also guidelines on how your character should be. The Lord is developing morals and values that His people should stand on. The character of a thief is one that resembles the devil. They are here to steal, kill, and destroy. They don’t…

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