This month’s Virtuous Spotlight goes to Zumba Instructor Robyn Stafford of Atlanta, GA.

Robyn was born in Detroit City raised in Ypsilanti,Michigan & has a beautiful 24-year-old daughter. After being diagnosed with a very serious illness in 2001 & seeking a healthier life style walked into a Zumba Class and was instantly hooked after the class she immediately flew to Atlanta to become a licensed Zumba Instructor! After 1 year she put her illness in remission with eating heathy and teaching her Zumba Classes ! Needless to say her Doctors were blown away at her results. While in Michigan Robyn went on a Zumba rampage teaching as many classes and educating people on the benefits of doing Zumba, she was living proof.

In Michigan Robyn inspired several of her students to become instructors they are all still teaching and doing very well. Zumba has inspired Robyn to get her AFFA group fitness certification and to also get licensed in other fitness formats, Flirty Girl Fitness, Hip Hop Hustle
 is also Licensed in Zumba Basic, Zumba basic 2, Zumba Core, Zumba Sentao & Zumba Toning and has attended several Annual Zumba Conventions. In Addition to Zumba Robyn is also a SNBF figure competitor her last show she came in 2nd place.

In 2008 Robyn
 moved to Atlanta,Ga where she now teaches several Zumba Classes all over Metro Atlanta & surrounding areas. You can always find Robyn at Zumba® events hosting & Presenting.
Her dance moves & energy has caused her to also be known as “SoSexy Robyn” by many.
She is currently working on a business project that will enhance the fitness world even more.
Robyn’s goal has always been to Inspire,motivate & challenge her students in her class and in everyday life.

Zumba has not only changed Robyn’s life but it has saved her life she will forever be grateful for the day that Beto the creator of Zumba walked into his class and forgot his music! Zumba has brought life long friends & relationships that will always be in her life my Zumba Family and friends are nothing short of an extension of me. One last note… Dance like no one is watching !

Live ,Love ,Laugh ,Zumba


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